While seen as a conventional therapy in Europe, Speleotherapy is still a new treatment in Canada, so we would like to answer some of your frequently asked questions…

Q: How Safe is Speleotherapy?

A: Speleotherapy is 100% natural and non-invasive, safe and drug-free. It can be used as a complementary treatment to prescribed medications or as a sole treatment. When Speleotherapy is used as a complementary treatment, it can increase the effectiveness of prescribed medications, and decrease the amount prescribed.

Q: Is Speleotherapy safe for children?

A: Speleotherapy is very effective for children. In countries where it is practiced in mainstream medicine, doctors recommend parents try this natural remedy before putting children on medication, or at least use it alongside medication to avoid high dosage. We see children as young as 4 months old. We even design our treatment room to be especially attractive for children. The efficacy rate is estimated at 90% and keeps children safe from the side effects of intensive drug treatment.

Q: What results can I expect?

A: Eastern European Doctors have noted that thousands of patients have been successfully treated by this method. After taking salt room treatments, their breathing becomes easier, symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath are alleviated, and clients no longer have to take large amounts of prescription medications.

Q: What are the standards of Speleotherapy?

A: Since Salt Therapy in London, Ontario offers authentic Speleotherapy salt rooms, there is no need for a halogenerator. A halogenerator is a piece of equipment that sprays salt air into the room. Our salt rooms are in fact 100% natural in that our entire salt room is built out of 94 tonnes of salt from a Ukrainian salt mine. The salt that is used in our rooms is 98% untreated sodium chloride and 2% magnesium bromide. Temperature and humidity levels are strictly controlled in the room to allow the salt particles to naturally be released from the salt blocks. Temperature is between 18 to 21 degrees and the humidity level is 30-40%.

Q: What is Salt Therapy’s view on conventional medicine versus natural alternative therapies?

A: We believe that if a condition can be treated naturally, that is the ideal. However we do recognize and believe in conventional medicine when needed. If conventional medicine is needed, it is our belief that it is ideal to complement that with natural forms of treatment in order to at least reduce medication use and dosages as well as increase daily quality of life.

Q: How do I get started?

A: To begin salt room sessions a consultation is required. Consultations are free with no obligation and take approximately 25 minutes. Following the consultation you can decide whether you wish to start the therapy or not.

*Salt Therapy requires confirmation the day prior to the consult in order to preserve the scheduled consultation. This is due to limited availability. A receptionist will contact you in order to ensure confirmation. In the event of not receiving confirmation- the consultation will regrettably be cancelled.

Q: What Should I Wear?

A: There is no need to wear anything specific. All forms of clothing are suitable and you will be provided with booties to go over your shoes.

Q: What are the costs associated with Salt Therapy?

A: Each salt room session is one hour long and $45. There is a minimum commitment of 6 sessions in the salt rooms for adults and children. The reason for the minimum commitment is because the salt rooms are an all natural treatment; it does require an accumulation of salt in your respiratory system in order to detect the benefits. Packages of sessions are available to purchase once clients have completed the minimum commitment of 6 sessions (in order to reduce the cost per session). The packages become available once a full treatment has been completed.

Q: What does a full treatment consist of?

A: A full treatment is 14 sessions. Within the minimum commitment (6 sessions), you will know if it is working or not (there is about a 90% success rate with children and a 70% success rate with adults). You are not required to commit to 14 sessions right from the beginning. We first encourage you to complete the initial commitment before deciding whether to continue or not. Salt Therapy is not a cure for irreversible conditions and thus there are people who need to go beyond 14 sessions with maintenance sessions. Maintenance packages and one year memberships are available in order to reduce the cost per session.

Floatation Tank FAQ

Q: What is floating in a floatation tank?

A: While floating you are lying quietly in the dark (light is optional), suspended in a warm solution of Epsom salt (800 lbs) and 10 inches of water so dense that you float effortlessly. Meditative music is optional to help you relax or for complete sensory deprivation silence is recommended. In short; it’s complete mental and physical relaxation.

Q: Might I be bored or frightened in a float tank?

A: Anyone who floats regularly will tell you how blissfully comfortable and deeply relaxed they feel whilst floating. You’re as close as you are ever likely to be to an experience of weightlessness; and, surprisingly, there is no feeling of being confined in a tight space.

Q: What effects does floating in a floatation tank have on the body?

A: In the gravity free environment the body balances and heals internally as all the senses are rested. Studies have determined that 1 hour of floating has the restorative benefits of 4 hours of sleep. Research also shows that floating measurably reduces blood pressure and heart rate whilst lowering the levels of stress related chemicals in the body. Old injuries and aches, (especially backache) experience relief as floating helps blood circulation. Floating is used widely in the treatment of stress, anxiety, jet lag and to improve concentration and creativity. Sports performance is also enhanced during floating.

Q: What effects does floating in a floatation tank have on the mind?

A: During a float, you produce slower brain-wave patterns; know as theta waves, (normally experienced only during deep meditation or just before falling asleep). This is usually accompanied by vivid imagery, very clear, creative thoughts, sudden insights and inspirations or feelings of profound peace and joy, induced by the release of endorphins, the body’s natural opiates. Because of these effects, floating is used effectively in the treatment of depression and addictions, including smoking and alcohol. It is also used in schools and universities as tools for Super Learning.


Q: What if I can’t swim?

A: Floating doesn’t require any swimming skills. No matter your weight or height, you will float effortlessly on your back like a cork.

Q: Is it private?

A: Yes, you float within your own individual room (so there is no requirement to wear a swimming suit). The room has its own shower and is for your exclusive use for the duration of your session.

Q: Will my skin wrinkle?

A: No. Because the water contains high salt levels it doesn’t rob your skin of salt, (which is what causes wrinkling). Rather, it leaves you skin soft and silky.

Q: Am I locked inside a floatation tank?

A: No, the door simply pushes open or you can float with the door open.

Q: How is water hygiene maintained in the floatation tank?

A: The water contains heavy concentrations of salt (over 800 lbs) so the solution is virtually sterile. We add a limited amount of hydrogen peroxide to ensure the floatation tank is totally clean after each flotation use as well as an ozonator is used. Lastly, the water is filtered thoroughly between each float tank session.

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