Salt Pipes

Salt Pipes

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Breathing in with your mouth and out with your nose, the tiny salt particles within the salt pipe penetrate deep into the respiratory system. Using the salt pipe inhaler for 15-20 minutes a day helps flush away the  impurities we breathe in everyday, while healing inflamed lungs and airways.

Salt pipes are not meant to be used in place of prescribed medication or inhalers, but can be used in conjunction with these other forms of medicine.

Benefits of Salt Pipe Therapy

Daily Use of a Salt Pipe For Several Minutes Can Help:

  • Ease breathing to support respiratory system rehabilitation & medical therapies
  • Clean the respiratory system from pollen & other allergies
  • Thin out thick stubborn mucus making it easier to release
  • Reduce symptoms of breathing difficulties cause by asthma and COPD

A dry salt inhaler acts like a “detox device” even for people who do not suffer from respiratory ailments. We all breathe in pollution. Salt pipe treatment also cleans and regenerates the whole body by allowing the lungs to better function and increase oxygen intake.