Canada’s Authentic Family Speleotherapy Clinic

Salt Therapy is a premier alternative health and wellness spa conveniently located in the heart of London, ON.

Salt Therapy Breathing Centre

Natural and safe alternatives for respiratory ailments, stress & pain

Featuring London Ontario’s first, and Canada’s only Speleotherapy Salt Rooms; including one adult room, and one children’s room. Salt Therapy also offers Registered Massage Therapy in our peaceful massage room. You can also enjoy the unique experience of having your massage within the atmosphere of our therapeutic salt rooms. Services that promote relaxation, stress relief, chronic pain relief ,healing and rejuvenation for the mind & body.

Canada's Speleotherapy Clinic

We are the only 100% authentic Speleotherapy clinic in Canada.

100% Authentic Ukrainian Salt

We only use the most authentic and untreated Ukrainian salt in our therapies.

Discover the Healing Benefits of Salt

Unique and natural services that leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Salt Room Therapy

Reduce inflammation, destroy bacteria, & strengthen immunity

Breathe easier while using our salt rooms, where low concentrations of salt are delivered deep into the lungs to help dissolve phlegm and kill micro-organisms that cause infections.

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Floatation therapy

Floatation Therapy

The deepest rest that humankind has ever experienced

Spend some time lying quietly in the dark, suspended in a comfortable solution of dense Epsom salts that allow you to float effortlessly. The gravity-free environment allows the body to balance & heal internally, as all the senses are rested.

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massage therapy london

Massage Therapy

Experience the relaxation of a massage in our salt room

At Salt Therapy, we provide a variety of different therapeutic massage techniques and massage package options to promote optimal relaxation.

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